2020 agenda

A dedicated one-day event delivering the answers on how to meet, and exceed, your customers’ expectations

9.00 Opening address from the chair: How can cutting-edge CX really improve the lives of tenants, now and in the future?

9.15 Tenant voice: presentation and panel

  • Why segmentation is a must have not an interesting add-on
  • How customer experience is at the heart of performance culture
  • Hearing the customer voice – beyond resident engagement


Naomi Sweeting, Head of Business Insights and Performance, Alliance Homes

9.35 Who are your tenant’s and what do they really want? The process to develop a segmentation in housing

Paul Arscott, Managing Director, BrandIgnite

Emma Dicks, Research and Insight Director, Solutions Research

9.55 Simply Health – segmentation: why it’s important and how we use it

Caroline Brooman, Head of Customer Experience, Simplyhealth

10.15 Panel discussion and Q&A

10.30 Governance and regulation

Later in the year, the Social Housing White Paper will be published after many false starts and missed promises of its publication. The government’s manifesto promises the white paper will “empower tenants and support the continued supply of social homes” but what this will look like has been a question for many sector leaders. In anticipation, the work of the housing ombudsman is focused on addressing the key demands of all stakeholders: faster and effective redress, hearing residents’ voices and increased transparency.

11.00 Networking and refreshments

11.30 CX Culture: Rolling out a customer-centric culture across the organisation

  • Embedding a string customer experience culture
  • Bringing core operational teams with you such as finance, maintenance and repairs and neighbourhood officers
  • Empowering your staff and creating a culture of employee engagement to deliver an exceptional customer experience

Tom Forty, Head of Customer Experience, Orbit Group

12.00: Digital tools for transformation: Panel: Getting real time customer feedback

  • Ensuring you gain data immediately following a visit or call
  • Introducing an SMS and email approach and lessons learned from a pilot
  • Adjusting services based on customer feedback

Callie Lancaster, Insight and Improvement Officer, Accent Group

12.30: Demo partner

12.40: Networking and lunch

13.40: Breakout 1: Tenant voice

13.40 Influencing at central and local government level


In the two years since the Grenfell Tower fire, there have been many discussions about how to ensure the voices of social housing tenants are heard. This presentation will flip that question and ask: how do we get landlords and our government (at all levels – local to national) to better listen to tenants?


Pat Turnbull, London Tenants Federation


14.10 New insights into challenging tenant stigma


  • Challenging the political rhetoric which associates social housing with low aspiration and stereotypes social housing tenants and landlords
  • Addressing the under-supply of affordable homes
  • Changing perceptions by changing the letting policies which cannot house a wide spectrum of low income people

13.40: Breakout 2: CX culture What do you think you know about your customers? Segmentation – an interactive workshop to get you started

A practical workshop on customer segmentation in social housing


Paul Arscott, Managing Director, BrandIgnite

Emma Dicks, Research and Insight Director, Solutions Research

13.40: Breakout 3: Digital tools for transformation

Panel: Balancing the best of all worlds with multichannel engagement

  • Encouraging a move to digital engagement with as many customers as possible
  • Embedding end to end digital in the customer journey
  • Ensuring all other customer contact channels keep pace
  • Making sure access is inclusive

Guy Stenson, Director of Housing Operations, Stonewater

14.30: Demo partner

14.40: Networking and refreshments

15.10: Breakout 1: Tenant voice Maximising the impact of VOC (Customer Voice) and why you should avoid doing it in house

  • Delivering a customer voice programme Involving customer community panels
  • Maintaining the importance of governance in approaches
  • Digital solutions

Sara Law, Customer Insight Manager, Alliance Homes

Peter Jenkins, chief client officer

Leigh-Ann Harris, client research manager, Maru/Matchbox

15.10: Breakout 2: CX culture

15.10 Empowering all your employees to put customers first


  • Creating a customer focused culture across the organisation
  • Setting high standards – what gets measured gets managed
  • Technology supporting knowledge to leave people free to focus on skills and behaviour
  • Coaching and training an empowered workforce

Ivan Smith, communication, development & insight department manager, Motability Operations



15.35 Panel: Meeting the needs of our customers changing behaviours


  • How are customer’s expectations changing over time?
  • Identifying pinch points for different customer segments
  • Supporting customers proactively
  • Using data to support customers


Dean Anderson, director of customer services, Futures Housing Group

15.10: Breakout 3: Digital tools for transformation

Panel: Tracking and spotting common trends in customer data to identify issues and resolve them earlier


  • Developing a central reporting repository to collect accurate and relevant data
  • Identifying significant trends
  • Meeting customer expectations by addressing issues earlier and better


Phil Heron, head of contact centre operations, PA Housing

15.40: Demo partner

16.10: Inspirational keynote: Linda Moir

An expert in HR and customer service, Linda Moir headed the London 2012 dream team that delivered outstanding front of house service by 15,000 volunteer Games Makers to 9 million spectators, resulting in one of the most successful Olympic and Paralympic Games in history. Previously, she was Virgin Atlantic’s Director of In Flight Services, responsible for the airline’s award winning service and ‘making flying fun’.

16.40: Closing remarks from the chair

16.45 Conference close

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