2020 agenda

A dedicated one-day event delivering the answers on how to meet, and exceed, your customers’ expectations

9.00: Morning coffee and networking

9.10 Introduction and opening address from the chair

9.15 Tenant voice: Knowing your customer: How you can tailor your service to customer need and improve customer experience through segmentation?

  • Why segmentation is a must have not an interesting add-on
  • How customer experience is at the heart of performance culture
  • How detailed customer insight helped Covid reponse
  • Hearing the customer voice – beyond resident engagement

Naomi Sweeting, Head of Business Insights and Performance, Alliance Homes

9.30 Highlights from a successful customer segmentation story

9.35 Who are your tenant’s and what do they really want? The process to develop a segmentation in housing

Paul Arscott, Managing Director, BrandIgnite

Emma Miller, Research and Insight Director, Solutions Research

9.45 Simply Health – segmentation: why it’s important and how we use it

Caroline Brooman, Head of Customer Experience, Simplyhealth

10.00 Panel discussion and Q&A

10.20 Break

10.30 Governance and regulation - Addressing the key demands of all stakeholders: faster and effective redress, hearing residents’ voices and increased transparency

  • Outline of the revised Scheme (commencing on 1st September) with stronger powers and more resources to deliver significant improvements in housing redress
  • New complaints Code: setting out good practice that will allow landlords to respond to complaints effectively and fairly
  • Guidance on best practice for landlords during Covid-19
  • Sharing key lessons from the latest Insight report on complaints data, with case studies

Richard Blakeway, Housing Ombudsman

10.45 Interview and Q&A

11.00 Networking and refreshments

11.30 CX Culture: Rolling out a customer-centric culture across the organisation

  • Embedding a strong customer experience culture, while working remotely
  • Bringing core operational teams with you such as finance, maintenance and repairs and neighbourhood officers and building on the positive experiences presented by Covid
  • Empowering your staff and creating a culture of employee engagement to deliver an exceptional customer experience

Tom Forty, Head of Customer Experience, Orbit Group

11.45 Interview and Q&A

12.00 Break

12.10: Digital tools for transformation: Panel: Getting real time customer feedback

  • Ensuring you gain data immediately following a visit or call
  • Introducing an SMS and email approach and lessons learned from a pilot
  • Adjusting services based on customer feedback

Callie Lancaster, Insight and Improvement Officer, Accent Group

12.25: Interview and Q&A

12.40: Networking and lunch

13.40: Breakout 1: Tenant voice

13.40 Influencing at central and local government level


In the two years since the Grenfell Tower fire, there have been many discussions about how to ensure the voices of social housing tenants are heard. This presentation will flip that question and ask: how do we get landlords and our government (at all levels – local to national) to better listen to tenants?


Pat Turnbull, London Tenants Federation


14.10 New insights into challenging tenant stigma


  • Challenging the political rhetoric which associates social housing with low aspiration and stereotypes social housing tenants and landlords
  • Addressing the under-supply of affordable homes
  • Changing perceptions by changing the letting policies which cannot house a wide spectrum of low income people

13.40: Breakout 2: CX culture Interactive Workshop: What do you think you know about your customers? Getting started with customer segmentation

Paul Arscott, Managing Director, BrandIgnite

Emma Miller, Research and Insight Director, Solutions Research

13.40: Breakout 3: Digital tools for transformation

Panel: Balancing the best of all worlds with multichannel engagement

Balancing the best of all worlds with multichannel engagement: exploring lessons learned in the acceleration of digital engagement during the pandemic

  • Supporting a move to digital engagement with as many customers as possible and promoting the benefits
  • Sharing examples of how a rapid shift to digital has enhanced the customer experience
  • Ensuring inclusive access and maintaining other customer contact channels

Guy Stenson, Director of Housing Operations, Stonewater


14:00 Technology Partner: innovation in action

Felicity Beattie, Head of Delivery, Hallnet


14.10 Discussion and Q&A

14.30 Networking and refreshments

15.10: Breakout 1: Tenant voice Interactive Workshop: Maximising the impact of VOC (Customer Voice) throughout your organisation

  • What have we learned about customer resilience during covid?
  • How did customer data help in response to coronavirus and what was done differently?
  • How can VOC be used to help our customers get through the future economic challenges?

Sarah Beams, Client Development Director and Leigh-Ann Harris, Client Research Manager, Maru/Matchbox

Sara Law, Customer Insight Manager, Alliance Homes

15.10: Breakout 2: CX culture

15.10 Empowering all your employees to put customers first


  • Creating a customer focused culture across the organisation by putting your employees first
  • Sharing some examples of employee support throughout lockdown that achieved one of the highest ICS results for 3 years
  • Setting high standards – what gets measured gets managed
  • Technology supporting knowledge to leave people free to focus on skills and behaviour
  • Coaching and training an empowered workforce: coming out of lockdown and facing the new normal

Ivan Smith, Communication, Development & Insight Department Manager, Motability Operations

15:25 Interview and Q&A


15:35 Break


15:45 Meeting the needs of our customers changing behaviours: insights into adapting to customers needs and wants during and in the wake of the pandemic

  • How are customer’s expectations changing over time, and how was this accelerated by COVID 19?
  • Identifying pinch points for different customer segments
  • Using data to support customers proactively
  • Delivering and maintain a new level of service that has increased customer satisfaction

Dean Anderson, Director of Customer Services, Futures Housing Group


16:00 Interview and Q&A

16.10: Closing Panel: A Roadmap for the Future

The role of social housing in a harsher economic climate

Guy Stenson, Director of Housing Operations, Stonewater

Dean Anderson, Director of Customer Services, Futures Housing Group

16.40: Closing remarks from the chair

16.45 Conference close

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