Agenda: Day 2

A practical-first, Chatham House gathering, embracing the entire public & private housing ecosystem with a common goal to unearth forward thinking strategies and partnerships to shape a more diverse and resilient market.


Please note speakers, timings and themes may be subject to change

9.00: Opening panel - what is the new era of housing delivery?

Low wages combined with rising house prices means that housing delivery targets are at their highest. It is no longer a task which can be met effectively with all stakeholders in the ecosystem working in silos. This session provides a first-hand case study of housing delivery transformation through collaborative planning and execution which is ensuring the right homes are in the right places, houses are build quicker and enables a diverse market which represents the need of the community.


Panel including senior speakers to be announced from a developer, local authority, housing association and consultancy

9.45: The Inside Housing world café - small group discussions to help you connect and overcome barriers

This is your opportunity to network with peers and discuss some of the wicked issues facing housing ecosystem. Come prepared to share as well as learn. You will have the chance to tackle 7 key challenge areas highlighted by participants.


Regional advice and support will also be on hand from Homes England and the GLA. Split into small groups, you will take 15-minute pitstops to discuss the challenges you face and opportunities you have identified with a subject expert facilitator.

Table one: unlocking land

Table two: infrastructure funding

Table three: new settlements

Table four: supporting SMEs

Table five: build to rent

Table six: investments and joint ventures

Table seven: affordable housing

Tables eight - twelve: support for places

With regional advisers from Homes England and The GLA

11.00: Morning break

Networking, refreshments and an opportunity to visit the Inside Housing skills surgery to a pre-booked 10 minute 1-2-1 consultation with leading specialists.

11.30: Workshops

Everything boils down to viability: how can you make your site stake up and deliver on your objectives.


Choose a session which matches your biggest challenge and join a 45 minute Q&A with experts who think they have cracked the challenge.

Savvy business models to deliver housing

Creating sustainable, safe and affordable communities

Thinking big: delivering large-scale plans

12.30: Networking lunch break

Networking, refreshments and an opportunity to visit the Inside Housing skills surgery to a pre-booked 10 minute 1-2-1 consultation with leading specialists.

13.30: Inside Housing development auction

Get the latest pipelines from local authorities, housing associations and private developers. Can you support one of these ambitions? Is there an opportunity for you to collaborate and de-risk your plans?


Understand development plans early with a series of short pitches from stakeholders who are about to embark on a new development ambition.


Small scale < 500

Large scale > 500

14.30: Skills, productivity and modern methods of construction

Hear from practioners making progress and then share your challenges and solutions in an interactive session.

15.30: Closing address

Get the latest on government plans for shared ownerships, brownfield development and housing delivery growth.


Rt Hon Esther McVey MP – invited

16.00: End of Inside Housing Development Summit 2019

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