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Day 2: 12 November

Please note this event has now passed.


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9.20 Welcome back

Ian Wright, chief executive, Disruptive Innovators Network

9.30 - 10.15 The future of the office

For many organisations, Covid has created a challenge for leaders on how they house their workforces. With so much invested in offices and real estate, how can we make the right decisions around what comes next? In this session Antony will explore:

  • Asset or liability? What is the future for the office space?
  • Can we be as productive working remotely?
  • Where will innovation come from?
  • How do you repurpose your assets with ‘space as a service’?
  • What does the UX (user experience) have to look like?
  • Think of the office as software

Chair: Ian Wright, chief executive, Disruptive Innovators Network

Antony Slumbers, co-founder, The Real Innovation Academy

10.15 - 10.30 Break

10.30 - 11.15 Inside innovation: How Experian and Lego innovate

In this session we will hear from leaders in two major companies around how covid has changed the way they innovate and what we can learn from their approach. Including:


  • How they have pivoted their innovation models
  • Recruitment and onboarding
  • How they innovate in a remote world
  • Their approach to problem solving and customer experience
  • The role of culture in driving successful innovation
  • What technologies they are deploying?


Chair: Oke Eleazu, chief operating officer, Bought by Many

Julie Doleman, managing director, Global expansion and Innovation, Experian

David Gram, former senior innovation director, LEGO and co-founder, Diplomatic Rebels

11.15 - 11.30 Break

11.30 - 12.15 How to build a high performing, resilient team

For many leaders and organisations managing and supporting their staff during covid has been challenging especially with a move to almost total remote working. So how has this changed the way leaders need to look at building a high performing, resilient team? In this session Henry will explore:

  • Building a team that has the capability to do the job
  • The importance of purpose, trust and enjoyment
  • Keeping the org focused and result orientated
  • Talking, sharing and supporting is very a powerful “medicine”

Chair: Helena Moore, associate director, Disruptive Innovators Network

Henry Jones, chief executive, Togetherall

12.15 - 13.00 Lunch break

13.00 - 13.45 Build back better: Become a changemaker with the sharing and circular economies

Organisations and leaders will never have a better chance to change what they do and how they do it, Covid has seen to that. But how do you go about delivering major change when things are still very much business unusual? In this session we will hear from Benita on how we can build back better and become Changemaker organisations using the tools of the circular and sharing economies including:

  • 6 key characteristics of changemaker organisations
  • Partnering and collaborating for survival
  • Citizen innovation and the power of the crowd
  • Brave leadership and future building

Chair: Caroline Gitsham MBE, chair, Women in Social Housing (WISH) and founder Caroline Gitsham Consulting

Benita Matofska, speaker, changemaker and author, Generation Share

13.45 - 14.00 Break

14.00 - 14.45 Stop measuring customer and employee satisfaction!

Measuring customer and employee satisfaction is a lag measure that doesn’t provide leaders with the intelligence and knowledge they need to align their business and deliver against customer expectations. So how do organisations change the way they think about customers/employees and measure against their expectations. In this session Rowan will explore:

  • Why you need to rethink the way you listen to your customers and employees?
  • If you really understand what their expectations of service and business really are?
  • Is your net promoter score misleading your business?
  • How can you turn knowledge and data gaps into usable intelligence?
  • How do you reprioritise to what’s really important to customers and your people?

Chair: Paul Taylor, innovation coach, Bromford Group

Rowan Jackson, chair, Promising Outcomes

14.45 - 15.00 Break

15.00 - 15.45 Do the digital workplace

The world has gone through a seismic shift in the way we work. But we mustn’t lose sight of the fact that these changes need to be sustainable and ones that will work for us both now and into the future. Technology is vital to keeping businesses operational. But more importantly it’s your people, how they use your technology and how you help them to use it to maximum effect which will truly decide your organisation’s future. We have no idea how, or when, this will end, but it’s created a future that is up for grabs. A future where technology is instrumental as we radically rethink the ways we live and work. Join us as we explore the do’s and don’ts of the digital workplace.


Chair: Ian Wright, chief executive, Disruptive Innovators Network

Dr Nicola Millard, principal innovation partner, BT

15.45 - 16.00 Break

16.00 - 17.00 Expert panel: Social housing - where next after Covid?

With reference to what we have heard over the last two days our housing leaders’ panel will explore what comes next for social housing and how each of them envisages their business changing including areas such as:

  • What their new business models will look like
  • What sort of innovation will they be investing in?
  • How will they be recruiting and onboarding colleagues
  • How has covid impacted on their organisational culture
  • How has their thinking changed around leadership and management development?
  • Is now the time to drop ‘organisational baggage’ and build back better?

Faciliatated by Martin Hilditch, editor, Inside Housing


Clare Miller, chief executive, Clarion Group

Gary Orr, chief executive, Abri

Paul Edwards, deputy chief executive, CHP

Yvonne Castle, chief executive, Johnnie Johnson Housing Trust

17.00 Close of summit



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