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CX 2019

Monday, 25 Feb 2019
8:30 AM - 5:35 PM
Business Design Centre, Islington, London, N1 0QH

The sector’s festival of customer experience


Now in its second year, The Customer Experience Conference and Exhibition (CX2019) is the UK’s leading event for CX leadership teams & practitioners in social housing. We’ve expanded the event this year to provide the most extensive conference programme bringing together case studies and panels from the public AND private sector:


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You said, we did


Following extensive research with a broad cross-section of professionals working in CX in social housing, and the supply chain which supports delivery, this is a platform for ideas-sharing underpinned by insightful case studies of some of the industry’s most innovative projects.


The event is based around the three themes your CX peers have told us are most important to developing exceptional customer experience in social housing:

  • people
  • processes & technology
  • strategic planning

The sessions themselves will be holistic in approach, ensuring relevant links are made across these three themes.


Conference Benefits

For those that came last year, we are pleased to hear from the immediate feedback and subsequent conversations how satisfaction levels improved with your customers and clients. For those that are looking at the event for the first time, here are some reasons to attend:

  • Gain insight and practical tips from social housing providers leading in customer engagement, customer involvement, customer experience, and proven digital models
  • Learn from existing case-studies presented by the companies themselves giving you relevant examples to adopt in your organisation
  • Hear thought-leadership in panel debates on common challenges facing all UK social housing providers
  • Shake it up & think out of the box – hear from CX practitioners from outside the social housing sector on best practice in the private sector


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Sponsored By:




Charles Shaw : 020 7772 8337

All Speakers

Christine Ashton

Executive Director Housing
EMH Homes

Nick Atkin

Chief Executive
Halton Housing Trust

Anna Bishop

Director of Customer Service

Phil Brunkard

Chief Technology Officer

Lynda Davis

Customer Experience Manager
Saxon Weald

David Done

Chief Executive

Cemal Ezel


Matthew Gardiner

Head of ideation

Kate Gascoigne

Executive Director of Customer Experience
Irwell Valley Housing Association

Katie Gilmartin

Strategy Analyst
Home Group

Chris Hall

Operations Manager
John Lewis

Liz Haworth

Group Director Delivery Transformation

Geraldine Howley

Group Chief Executive

Helen Jaggar

Chief Executive
Berneslai Homes

Kate Jungnitz

Director of Customer Service
Plus Dane Housing

Daniel Klemm

Head of Policy & Communications
Together Housing Group

Grant Leboff


Linda F Levin

Irwell Valley Homes

Julie Marsh

Executive Director of Neighbourhood Management
South Liverpool Homes

Chris Masey

Account Manager
Amazon Web Services

Sarah Mbatha

Director of Housing, Care and Communities

Chantal Mitchell

Customer Experience Manager
Vivid Homes

Jane Porter

Chief Operating Officer

Dave Richmond

City Neighbourhoods and Housing Manager
Hull City Council

Jay Saggar

Digital Lead

Umbar Shakir

Client Director Digital Lead
Gate One

Thomas Somers

Innovation and Transformation Manager
Wandle Housing Association Limited

Wendy Stephens

Head of Support

Louise Thompson

Operations Manager

Andrew van Doorn

Chief executive

Ian Wright

Managing Director
Disruptive Innovators Network


The programme for the Customer Experience Conference & Exhibition 2019 (CX2019) is still being finalised but please peruse the latest schedule - click the folowing 4 links to visit the different theatres and advisory panel:


The Strategic Planning TheatreThe People Issues TheatreThe Processes & IT Theatre | Advisory Panel

The Strategic Planning Theatre

09.00 – 09.05
Welcome & Chair’s Opening Remarks
Ian Wright, Managing Director - Disruptive Innovators Network

09.05 – 09.30
Opening Keynote: Trends & horizons


09.30 – 10.30
PANEL DISCUSSION: Putting quality at the heart of customer experience

  • What does putting customers at the heart of customer experience mean?
  • How do we measure it?
  • What is the difference between customer insight and tenant voice, and why does it matter?
  • How to create a meaningful connection with residents, which embodies trust, transparency and accountability?
  • How to work collaboratively to ensure quality?
  • Collaboration: becoming agents for change, facilitating and co-ordinating local action to drive quality
  • What are the key things to consider when making the shift to becoming CX-led as an organisation?
  • Can we be truly CX led in a financially constrained / limited environment?

Sarah Mbatha, Director of Housing, Care & Communities - Octavia
Kate Gascoigne, Executive Director of Customer Experience - Irwell Valley Housing Association
Andrew van Doorn, Chief Executive  HACT
Umbar Shakir, Client Diretor, Digital Lead - Gate One


10.30 – 11.00
Coffee break & exhibition


11.00 – 11.25
What does the future direction of industry regulation mean for CX?

  • Regulation to be extended to ALMOs and LAs where not before

11.25 – 12.25
PANEL DISCUSSION: “The job would be ok if it wasn’t for those pesky tenants.” Learn, listen, change.

  • What are the challenges around developing a ‘customer mindset’ throughout your organisation?
  • Developing customer service in your organisation’s DNA: changing culture
  • Case study EMH: lessons from transformation – what were the bumps along the way?
  • How EMH Homes achieved culture change, and what are they doing differently now?
  • Systems thinking: case study

Christine Ashton, Executive Director, Housing - EMH Homes
Chantal Mitchell, Customer Experience Manager - Vivid Homes


12.25 – 13.35
Lunch & exhibition visit


13.35 – 14.00
CASE STUDY/INTERVIEW: How Optivo kept customer service and customer satisfaction high during a period of change

  • What’s been replicated in the new customer experience structure at Optivo following the merger?
  • What hasn’t hit the mark?
  • Lessons learned and shared

Jane Porter, Chief Operating Officer - Optivo


14.00 – 14.40
Customer engagement and measurement strategies

  • Effective mechanisms for customer engagement
  • Developing a strategic approach: strategy over tactics
  • How to measure how effectively your customer engagement mechanism is performing

Grant Leboff, CEO - Stickymarketing


14.40 – 15.05
What happens when social housing meets the 4th Industrial Revolution?

  • New tech, new business models in social housing
  • Understanding the impact of demographics, globalisation and technology
  • When combined, what impact do these three factors create?
  • What might housing associations do to make sure that the homes they provide, the services they offer and the experiences they create for customers are relevant, both now and into a very different future?

Matthew Gardiner, CEO, Trafford Housing Trust, currently on secondment as Head of Ideation - L&Q

15.05 – 15.35
Afternoon break & Exhibition visit

15.35 – 16.35

PANEL DISCUSSION: Tenant engagement spectrum

  • Case studies which exemplify customer experience and customer involvement
  • Understanding the obliquity in the nature of social impact
  • Co-designing and commissioning services alongside customers
  • The role of the devolved tenant group & its decision-making remit
  • The tenant engagement panacea - engaging customers that are excluded and don’t usually participate
  • How effective customer scrutiny and use of transactional data can develop a holistic approach to tenant engagement
  • Understanding the full benefits of having strong links within Communities

Geraldine Howley, Chief Executive - Incommunities
Katie Gilmartin, Strategy & Innovation Manager - Home Group


16.35 – 17.20
PANEL DISCUSSION: Developing complaints procedures for improved customer satisfaction

  • Getting your internal control systems in place - what are board responsibilities when things go wrong?
  • How to ensure voices are heard - How are people being heard? Where’s the gap?
  • Ensuring digital inclusion
  • What’s changing?
  • Dispute resolution – how to capture learning across the sector?

Helen Jaggar, Chief Executive - Berneslai Homes



17.20 – 17.30
Chair’s Closing Remarks
Ian Wright, Managing Director - Disruptive Innovators Network



The People Issues Theatre


09.00 – 09.10
Welcome & Chair’s Opening Remarks


09.10 – 10.10
PANEL DISCUSSION: What do customers really want?

  • Understanding key drivers of satisfaction and dissatisfaction
  • How do you know what your customers’ satisfaction drivers are? How to measure?
  • Customer drivers may differ from incumbent beliefs: challenging old beliefs – what do customers really want?
  • It’s the dawn of the customer again – listening and being seen to listen and act on what’s heard – this is going through regulatory change
  • Getting creative with tenant involvement – traditional methods of scrutiny not fit for purpose – needs a mix of using multi-channel data and face-to-face

Lynda Davis, Customer Experience Manager - Saxon Weald
Julie Marsh, Executive Director of Neighbourhood Management - South Liverpool Homes


10.10 – 10.35
CASE STUDY: Customer rewards programme

10.35 – 11.35
PANEL DISCUSSION: Tenant engagement strategies

  • Customer engagement can change with geography and your size
  • Getting creative with tenant involvement – traditional methods of scrutiny not fit for purpose – needs a mix of using multi-channel data and face-to-face
  • Social media in the mix
  • Customer engagement can change with geography and your size
  • Developing a neighbourhood approach: some innovative projects

Linda Levin, Interim Project Director - Irwell Valley Homes
Dave Richmond, City Neighbourhoods and Housing Manager - Hull CC
Louise Thompson, Head of Business Services - TPAS


11.35 – 12.05
Coffee break & Exhibition


12.05 – 12.30
PANEL DISCUSSION: Recruitment - Building a diverse workforce, with the right skills for a modern customer service operation

  • How do we get the right staff to deliver what customers want?
  • Online is different from what’s been delivered in the past – requires new skills in our sector, as customers expect we’re quicker and slicker. New mindset required. We need to define what those skills are
  • What new digital skills are required for today’s and tomorrow’s digital systems?
  • Omnichannel – cus services team is now on webchat and online - recruiting people from outside the sector for their digi skills
  • Getting the right leadership skills for the specialist customer service leads
  • Ensuring your customer experience has customer service in its DNA – what’s the impact on recruitment and change?
  • Recruit for right attitude and behaviours, so housing experience not necessary – that can be trained.
  • Getting the right leadership skills for the specialist customer service leads
  • Recruiting for an effective diverse workforce: what does good practice look like?

David Done, CEO - RHP

12.30 – 12.55
CASE STUDY/ INTERVIEW: A story of social impact

  • What is change please?
  • Exploring the business model from start up to scale up and why the customer experience is at the heart of it
  • How you can have a successful commercial enterprise with social impact?
  • Sharing insights for other social purpose organisations around delivering a memorable customer experience

Ian Wright, Managing Director - Disruptive Innovators Network
Cemal Ezal, Founder - Change Please


12.55 – 13.55
Lunch & exhibition visit


13.55 – 14.20
CASE STUDY: CX meets brand  

  • Getting back to basics on social purpose

14.20 – 14.55
CASE STUDY: Staff engagement as part of your CX Strategy

  • Delivering a memorable customer experience
  • How to nurture a customer service ethos amongst your customer-facing staff
  • What do good CX operations look like ‘on the shop floor’: some key lessons from John Lewis

Chris Hall, Operations Manager - John Lewis


14.55 – 15.55
PANEL DISCUSSION: Staff engagement

  • People – happy people = happy customers. debate – it’s not black and white.
  • Employee accountability, incl. contractors and all stakeholders
  • How to empower people.
  • Getting the right processes to enable staff to achieve a successful day
  • Aligning targets to customer satisfaction
  • Understanding that engaged and motivated staff has an impact on customer satisfaction
  • Need to upskill staff – more autonomy to deal with more complex issues
  • Training staff to take the initiative in solving more complex customer issues
  • How to keep momentum going in terms of transition - how to keep staff engaged
  • Delivering a clear Cus service message across whole business. Tricky working with other directorates and provide how to expertise.
  • Interested in staff engagement – at every touchpoint – cultural piece – what drives behaviours.
  • Remote working – it’s more tricky – how does it translate into day-to-day activities?

Kate Jungnitz, Director of Customer Service - Plus Dane Housing
Chris Hall, Operations Manager - John Lewis


15.55 – 16.30
Afternoon break & exhibition


16.30 – 16.55
Measuring and aligning customer satisfaction

  • Case study of how Together Housing improved customer insight and reduced costs by a third
  • Practical insight into the challenges of measuring satisfaction which services provided and overall resident experience
  • Some practical ways to engage with staff and customers for better customer satisfaction

Daniel Klemm, Head of Policy & Communications - Together Housing Group


16.55 – 17.30
CASE STUDIES + PANEL DISCUSSION: Developing a neighbourhood approach

  • Building trust in communities
  • Case study: Neighbourhood Coaches
  • Collaborative working within local communities, including the wider community
  • Engaging the community – how to work together to drive better connections, communities, to listen and engage better?

Andrei Szatkowski, Executive Director Operations - Aspire Group
Wendy Stephens, Head of Support - Bromford


17.30 – 17.35
Chair’s Closing Remarks


The Processes & IT Theatre


09.00 – 09.20
Welcome & Chair’s Opening Remarks


09.20 – 09.45
CASE STUDY: The Amazon innovation model

  • Insight into Amazon’s Leadership Principles
  • How Amazon’s Leadership Principles are applied by AWS to better serve their customers

Chris Masey, Account Manager, UK public sector, NPO - Amazon Web Services


09.45 – 10.15
Jay Saggar, Digital Lead - HACT Housing

10.15 – 10.35
Optimising mobile repairs systems scheduling

10.35 – 11.05
Coffee break & Exhibition


11.05 – 11.45
PANEL DISCUSSION: Multi-channel contact

  • What do tenants really want?
  • Ensuring consistency across channels
  • Developing brand voice across channels – we have 10 – how to join those together, best practice
  • How to balance tension between customer experience, digital, efficiency agenda with the customer who wants to know who my housing officer is – so you’re not faceless operation.
  • Digital inclusion
  • How digital should we go?

11.45 – 12.05
CASE STUDY: CX innovation at BT

  • Scouting and experimenting our way to a better customer experience
  • Chatbots & AI: Prototyping in BT
  • Seeing is believing: Enhancing customer experience through integrating video
  • Micro-apps for the smart phone generation: Personalised web pages for tenants to easily access their own personalised information

Phil Brunkard, CIO UK & Ireland-Housing Sector - BT


12.05 – 12.50
PANEL DISCUSSION: Service design: developing a fully functional self-service online offering

  • The business case for self serve
  • The metrics that prove it works
  • Transforming landlord services from being reactive to pre-emptive

Nick Atkin, Chief Executive - Halton Housing

12.50 – 13.50
Lunch & exhibition visit


13.50 – 14.15
PANEL DISCUSSION: Enabling Customer engagement (IT systems)

14.15 – 14.40

  • Developing a platform fit for purpose
  • How delivers to its customers: right product, right time, right place
  • Running fixes in realtime

14.40 – 15.20
PANEL DISCUSSION: Personalisation – turning data into insight

  • Designing a service model that is tailored to customer need and preference
  • Using customer segmentation to drive efficiency
  • Ensuring that the right support is targeted at those that need it
  • Personalisation agenda – how can we personalise?
  • Building a picture of customer feedback – tracking
  • How we can collect all this data? How we can use the data whilst also staying within GDPR constraints
  • Data security

Liz Haworth, Group Director of Delivery and Transformation - Torus
Anna Bishop, Director of Customer Service - Riverside


15.20 – 15.50
Coffee break & Exhibition


15.50 – 16.35
PANEL DISCUSSION: Complaints procedures

  • Exemplars
  • Dispute resolution
  • Ensuring customers feel listened to; lessons are learned; and avoidable calls are averted
  • Debate on processes

16.35 – 17.25
PANEL DISCUSSION: Continuous improvement

  • Honing the feedback loop to inform improvements to processes
  • Measuring customer feedback & voice
  • How to measure satisfaction?
  • Getting a sophisticated measure of what people think of your service – live (e.g. live stream of feedback via text surveys and web surveys – you said… we did)
  • Reviewing waste calls
  • Taking a longer-term look at customer improvement, e.g. by replacing boilers before end of life then complaints go away
  • Delivering ROI - quality service, right first time and performance metrics

Thomas Somers, Innovation and Transformation Manager - Wandle


17.25 – 17.30
Chair’s Closing Remarks


Advisory Panel


The programme for CX2019 has been put together with the help of the following people:

  • Nick Atkin, Group Chief Executive - Halton Housing
  • Anna Bishop, Director of Customer Service - Riverside
  • Jane Porter, COO - Optivo
  • Ian Wright, MD - Disruptive Innovators Network

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Why attend?

Why attend?


The recent "A new deal for social housing" Green Paper sets out some areas for public sector to improve on and a new direction in terms of regulations. 

However, over in the private sector, new players like Amazon, Airbnb and Uber have made huge strides in terms of shaking up historic ways of delivering a user-friendly, personalised customer experience with disruptive business models, and disruptive technologies which users have become accustomed to. 

This conference will bring together all this thought leadership into one place and represents "a new dawn of the customer". By attending this extensive programme, your team will:

  • Gain insight and practical tips from social housing providers leading in customer engagement, customer involvement, customer experience, and proven digital models
  • Learn from existing case-studies presented by the companies themselves giving you relevant examples to adopt in your organisation
  • Hear thought-leadership in panel debates on common challenges facing all UK social housing providers
  • Shake it up & think out of the box – hear from CX practitioners from outside the social housing sector on best practice in the private sector



Who attends?


Delivering great customer service/customer experience goes beyond your CX team, as it impacts the heart of your business. We look forward to welcoming delegates from across your business including:

  • Heads of Customer Service/CX
  • Customer Experience Managers
  • Customer Insight Managers
  • Business Improvement Managers
  • Customer Services Working Group
  • Board Executives

For this reason, we are assuming that organisations will be sending multiple delegates and can offer you appropriate savings. Please contact Charles Shaw for further details:


T: 020 7772 8337



We are pleased to announce the following sponsors and media partners for The Customer Experience Conference and Exhibition 2019:





Gate One is a digital and business transformation consultancy. Our team of experts in the housing sector has designed and delivered major transformation programmes with some of the leading housing organisations in the UK. We support our clients to navigate their digital choices, root their investments in the right places and excellently execute digital change.


Hitachi Solutions offers a complete end to end capability for Housing Associations based on the already familiar range of Microsoft products. These are powerful applications that we have moulded to meet the specific demands of social housing.


We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel. Neither do we expect one size to fit all. Together with our In house Housing Sector Professionals we tailor our applications and approach to each unique housing association, focusing on the specific issues faced and finding realistic and workable answers to typically difficult problems.


Founded in 2003, Kirona has grown to be recognised as the leader in mobile workforce technology; enabling organisations with field based workers to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve customer service through dynamic resource scheduling software and mobile workforce applications.

Kirona’s market-leading position has been earned through expert knowledge, service excellence, innovation and a culture of continual improvement.

Can’t see your company logo?


To join this list and be part of the sector’s leading festival for customer experience, contact Catherine Tomlinson to hear the various options available to you:

T: 020 7772 8448


Business Design Centre,
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N1 0QH

The Business Design Centre is located in the heart of Islington with easy access to and from Central London by public transport.


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There are many bus stops near the venue which cover several routes in and around London. Please click here for the journey planner to plan your trip.

From outside the UK

Getting to the venue from outside the UK is also an easy and stress free option, with Gatwick and Heathrow and Stansted being our closest London airports. Accessing the Business Design Centre from the airport can be done through the express train service from Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted that run regularly throughout the day into Central London.


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