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Inside Housing Inclusive Futures Summit

Friday, 11 Oct 2019
8:30 AM - 3:40 PM
Emirates Old Trafford, Talbot Road, Stretford, Manchester, M16 0PX
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  • Gender diverse executive teams outperform their peers on profitability by 21% and 27% on value-creation
  • Ethnic and cultural diverse executive teams are 33% more likely to have industry-leading profitability
  • Organisations who are not embracing gender and ethnic/cultural diversity are 29% less likely to achieve above-average profitability

Recent research by Inside Housing highlighted the sector needs to improve its approach to embed inclusion and diversity as a core part of it’s business:

  • 4% of the organisations who responded to the Inside Housing survey are led by a BME chief executive
  • 15 out of 331 executive directors are BME, that is only 4.5%
  • 50 board members out of 735 (6.8%) identify as BME
  • 39% of executive directors are women
  • 36% of board members are women
  • 36% of associations have executive teams made up of half or more women
  • 7% of board members who are tenants

The statistics above re-enforce the fact that the sector as a whole is currently not doing enough to address this critical issue, which as many leading thinkers, organisations and studies have acknowledged, underpins growth, innovation and value-creation.


With this in mind, Inside Housing is launching the Inclusive Futures Summit. Our high-level summit will bring together respected people leaders and exemplars from the across sector and wider business to debate, discuss and learn how to embed diversity and inclusion in your organisations and harness the myriad benefits that this creates and to ensure that your workplace is reflective of the diverse communities you serve.


Themes to be discussed and debated:

  • Why being an inclusive organisation can help you be more successful
  • How to make inclusion visible in your organisation and challenging preconceptions
  • Best approaches that encourage diversity at board level
  • Future-proofing your recruitment processes
  • Promoting inclusion through talent management
  • Tackling unconscious bias
  • Building working environments which are safe from prejudice and promote fairness and equality

Confirmed speakers:

  • Pavita Cooper, member, steering group, 30% Club
  • Jan Gale, head of diversity and inclusion, L&Q
  • Rina Goldenberg, founder and chief executive, Voice at the Table
  • Sasha Deepwell, chief executive, Irwell Valley Homes
  • Cym D’Souza, chief executive, Arawak Walton HA
  • Chan Kataria OBE, chief executive, EMH Group
  • Collette King, chief executive, Equity Housing
  • Sonia Meggie, diversity adviser, Business In The Community
  • Raj Patel, chief executive, Housing Diversity Network
  • Alastair Pringle, executive director, Equlity and Human Rights Commission


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For sponsorship opportunities contact Catherine Tomlinson on 020 7772 8448 or email

Charles Shaw : 020 7772 8337


08:15 Registration


09:00 Chair’s opening remarks


Emma Maier, editor-in-chief, Inside Housing


09:05 Why inclusivity matters to your organisation


According to the CBI, workplaces that are both diverse and inclusive are associated with higher individual performance as employees are better able to innovate and are more engaged. In addition having diversity of thought and experience leads to better decision making owing to more careful processing on information than in homogenous groups. To open the summit we will be bringing together leading voices in the agenda to explore, debate and discuss why diversity, equality and inclusivity can help us be better businesses and help contribute to socio-economic prosperity.


Claire Posaner, director of people, Metropolitan

Alasdair Pringle, executive director, EHRC 

Sonia Meggie, diversity adviser, BITC



09:45 Smashing the glass ceiling: embedding diversity in our senior leadership teams


Following on the opening session, our panel of speakers will showcase the latest initiatives and policies that are being adopted in and out of the sector to embed equality and diversity to create inclusive organisations.


Jan Gale, head of diversity and inclusion, L&Q


10:25 Creating clear progression for your people from under-represented groups


Recent research has highlighted that senior leadership teams in housing are not diverse when it comes to appointing people from under-represented groups. However, the sector below this level performs better than most in recruiting people from these groups. With this in mind, this session will focus on how the sector can make strides in creating pathways for career progression for people, regardless of race, gender, sexuality or disability.


Raj Patel, chief executive, HDN

Chan Kataria OBE, chief executive, EMH Group 

Jo Jamieson, managing director, United Living


10:55 Break


11:15 Are you doing enough on LGBT inclusion?


This session will be exploring whether we need a business case for LGBT inclusion. Younger companies are not even questioning the need for LGBT inclusion; they are born inclusive. But what is the current thinking in the housing sector? Our panel of experts and practitioners will be sharing their thoughts and initiatives to show how they have built the business case.


Sasha Deepwell, chief executive, Irwell Valley Housing 

Lucy Malarkey, deputy director (operations), Gentoo


11:50 Exploring the link between wellbeing and inclusion


The workplace is a vital a environment for people’s mental health; working cultures and practices can either promote good mental health or undermine it. The Equality Act 2010 created a legal obligation to prevent discrimination against those with certain mental health conditions. Many people, whether they suffer with mental health or physical disabilities still face discrimination. This session will provide attendees with practical guidance on how to create workplaces and cultures which are free from discrimination, but promote wellbeing and equal opportunities through inclusion. 


Philip Connolly, policy and development manager, Disability Rights UK

Pete Mercer, head of public sector membership programmes, Stonewall


12:30 Lunch


13:30 Tackling unconscious bias


Evidence suggests that all too often recruitment panels are still recruiting in their own image. Most recruitment teams would no longer ask the question that was acceptable 10 years ago: “How do you think you think you will fit in the team?” However, although we know better than to ask the question, it seems that we still make judgements based on unconscious bias. This practical session will provide attendees with a toolkit to reduce the negative impacts of unconscious bias in your decision making, while challenging your own assumptions.


Rina Goldenberg, founder and chief executive, Voice at the Table

David Levenson, Executive and Career Strategy Coach, Coaching Futures


14:15 Future proofing your recruitment processes


This would focus on how the sector should be moving forward with recruitment policies to ensure that the organisation, in the future, is as diverse as the communities it works in.


Hannah Scarisbrick, Partner Consultant, Saxton Bampfylde

Pamela Leonce, Consultant, Saxton Bampfylde (and Chair Designate of Inquilab Housing Association)

Cym D’Souza, chief executive, Arawak Halton HA


14:50 Break


15:10 10 tips on how you can support people to reach their potential 


Everyone’s journey is different, with their own set of barriers to overcome and each with their own story of how they are today. This thought provoking closing session of the day will bring together inspirational housing professionals, from under-represented groups, to share their experiences and thoughts on how the sector needs to improve. 


Faisal Butt, lead commissioner for housing, London Borough of Barnet

Evie Copland, digital strategist, Dumfries and Galloway Housing Partnership


16:00 Chair’s summary and close

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