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Inside Housing & Community Fibre breakfast briefing

Thursday, 23 Nov 2017
8:15 AM - 9:30 AM
Homes 2017, Olymipa, London

Superfast futures: how broadband can transform landlords and communities

The quickening pace of technology has seen the internet become an integral part of many people’s lives on a daily basis. How we go about shopping, paying bills and even working have been completely reinvented with the advent of the internet.


Access to a broadband connection is now seen as near essential requirement of participating in modern day society. And yet significant minority still do not have access to the means of getting online.


Through their duty of care to tenants and community engagement schemes, social landlords can make a real difference in helping empower those individuals left behind by the digital shift.


This breakfast briefing session will examine the transformational role that broadband can play in local communities in improving the outcomes of social housing tenants.


Hear from a range of experts and learn how greater connectivity and better broadband infrastructure can open up new possibilities both for landlords and communities.




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