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Why a transformation?

Our world has changed dramatically in the last two years. Squeezed budgets, the rise of technology, and the changing needs and behaviours of residents have all impacted the way we do things. We need to do more with less, without compromising on quality and service.


It’s against this backdrop that Kier Housing Maintenance has transformed the way we do business, revolutionising our approach and evolving our service to not only keep pace with change but to help clients get one step ahead.

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We want to put an end to reactive maintenance!

We wait for repairs to be reported then fix them. We’re focusing on the outcome, not the cause.

If we managed our cars in the same way the roads would be congested with breakdown vehicles driving to repair our broken vehicles – Surely our homes are more important ?

Ultimately, we want to mark the end of reactive repairs.

Moving to proactive maintenance will save clients money, add value to their assets and help them collect rent 52 weeks a year.

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Community transformation

Our people care passionately about the communities we work in and see it as part of their role to add value.

Customer experience transformation

We put people at the heart of everything we do.
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