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Closed Circuit: Vivid Entertainment

A warning from the adult film industry, some lost glasses and Alok Sharma gets #British

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Closed Circuit: Vivid Entertainment

Watch out, Vivid – you may be facing legal action from a porn manufacturer. One sector spy emailed Closed Circuit this week pointing out a news report from 2011 in which Vivid Entertainment sent a cease and desist notice to smartphone manufacturer HTC over its new android smartphone called Vivid.

The dirty film-maker, which has previously faced its own legal battles for producing virtual celebrity sex tapes, said the name created the impression that the phone was “affiliated, connected or associated with and/or sanctioned by Vivid Entertainment”.

“They’re going for Vivid Homes next,” said the spy.

It may have been (ed. definitely was) a joke, but Vivid had better watch out – we wouldn’t want anyone assuming the social landlord was connected or associated with the adult movie business.

Speaking of Vivid, chief executive Peter Walters may not be able to read the legal letter even if it does land.

Tweeting from day three of his holiday, the housing boss revealed to his 1,731 followers that he had dropped his glasses in the sea and went to the lengths of hiring a diver to retrieve them.

We don’t know whether Mr Walters did get his soggy specs back from the depths of Davey Jones’ locker, but at least he will be able to read the company’s branding without them since it ALWAYS PRINTS ITS NAME IN BLOCK CAPITALS (ed. yes, yes, so does this magazine).

Our new housing minister Alok Sharma is not as prolific on Twitter as his predecessors Gavin Barwell or Brandon ‘Triathlon’ Lewis, but we did get an insight into his mind last weekend.

The minister tweeted an image of a lovely game of club cricket on a sunset-bathed pitch next to a cathedral. “It’s just great to be #British!” he wrote.

We look forward to more updates from Mr Sharma’s #British series – tea and cake, Winston Churchill, Shakespeare, David Beckham’s right foot, David Beckham’s left foot etc etc.

Needless to say, like all of his tweets, the minister simply received a barrage of replies about when the Voluntary Right to Buy will be introduced. #Britain, eh?

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