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Morning Briefing: reaction to housing announcements

Reaction to the big housing announcements from yesterday’s Conservative Party conference

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Morning Briefing: reaction to housing announcements

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In the news

Housing is of course all over the news this morning, albeit slightly overshadowed by a cough, a prank and some falling scenery.

The Guardian remains wholly unimpressed with Theresa May’s announcement, running a news article saying it is “unlikely to solve the problem” and quoting an expert dismissing the £2bn as “chicken feed”.

It also runs an opinion piece by housing columnist Dawn Foster which rails against the prime minister’s “empty promises”.

Meanwhile, the Evening Standard also runs a news piece focusing on the backlash while, perhaps most surprisingly, pro-Tory The Sun – which splashed on the council housing plans before the speech – also turns on the announcements, saying the cash will build “only” 25,000 homes.

Ms May is arguably suffering from over-briefing the announcement before the speech – it is big news, but it is not a new generation of council housing.

Elsewhere, the BBC has a handy explainer for the lay-reader on some of the context to the housing announcement.

On social media

David Orr, chief executive of the National Housing Federation, is feeling more positive than the UK’s press:

Joe Sarling reflects on how far housing policy has moved in two years:

And Matthew Gardiner notes housing policy appears to now be run directly from Number 10:

What’s on

Housing minister Alok Sharma will later address the Home Builders Federation annual Housing Market Intelligence Conference in London.

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