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Eighty take redundancy at GHA

The UK’s biggest landlord has announced 80 redundancies this month as part of its restructure.

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Glasgow Housing Association has agreed voluntary requests from 55 people and expects a further 25 will leave before the end of March.

Most are from GHA’s head office in Glasgow, and are leaving as part of a process GHA says is moving it ‘closer to its customers and communities’.

Chief executive Martin Armstrong said: ‘We are bringing forward proposals for a new GHA which will be closer to its tenants and factored homeowners and its communities.

‘We will have more staff on the frontline, dealing directly with tenants and our factored homeowners where it matters most - on their doorsteps.

‘We have a policy of no compulsory redundancies. We have given staff the opportunity to leave the organisation through voluntary arrangements and we are able to allow a number to do so.’

GHA’s board agreed to proceed with the shake-up in December last year and is currently consulting with staff and trade unions.  

‘The key aim of our organisational review [is to reduce] layers of management and de-centralising several functions,’ said Mr Armstrong.

It is believed the redundancies affect a range of positions, including management.

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