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Inside Housing magazine

Inside Housing is the leading monthly magazine for housing professionals in the UK and the first choice for anyone looking for a job in housing. With its lively mix of news, features and analysis, housing professionals rely on Inside Housing to keep them fully updated on everything in the social housing world. The magazine has a weekly circulation of 13,135 (ABC average net circulation July 18 - June 19), with a total readership of more than 66,235.

Inside Housing Specials

Inside Housing publishes a range of exciting special features and supplements on everything from housing finance to development and from leadership to education and training. See our forward features list for more information here

The Inside Housing website provides the latest breaking news, insight and expert comment on everything in the social housing world, as well as the latest jobs and events news.


We have recently redesigned our website to make our award-winning journalism more accessible and user-friendly across all devices.


Our subscriptions range from Digital, Print & Digital and Print & Digital Plus. For organisations we have launched our new Corporate Subscription package which can be tailored to businesses saving them up to 50% off. To find out more about our subscription packages click here