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Email and Newsletter Alerts

How to sign up for email alerts

Inside Housing offers a range of free email bulletins. To subscribe, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in or register for the site
  2. Go to the My Account section
  3. Choose to edit your newsletter preferences and check the boxes for the bulletins you wish to receive
  4. Check the terms and conditions box, and click submit

You will then be sent the bulletins you have signed up for.


Job alerts

Job alerts can be tailored to contain only the jobs you are interested in. To subscribe follow the steps above, but to tailor your search follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on the Sign in link at the top of Jobs IH homepage. (If you have forgotten your password, a reminder can be sent to your registered email address).
  2. Using the job search module on the top right of the homepage you will need to run a filtered search – you can filter by ‘Job Title’, ‘Location’ and ‘Salary Band’ or a mixture of all three.
  3. At either end of your search results list you will find a link entitled: ‘Email me similar jobs’.
  4. After clicking on this link you will be prompted to select the frequency of your job alerts to either ‘Daily’ or ‘Weekly’.
  5. Your updated search criteria should then be saved - you will now be set up to receive your job alerts.

Trouble shooting

Registration– If you were registered on the Inside Housing website before the relaunch nothing has changed. You can still log in with your existing username and password.


Passwords – If you’ve forgotten your password this can be reset here.


Unsubscribing– Follow the steps to subscribe (see above), and uncheck the boxes for the bulletins you do not wish to receive


Blocked emails– If you do not receive bulletins regularly this may be because some messages are blocked by spam filters. To ensure you receive all alerts from Inside Housing follow these steps (these instructions are for Microsoft Outlook 2003).


  1. Open a bulletin you have received, and click the ‘actions’ menu
  2. Select the ‘junk mail’ item in the menu, then choose to either add the bulletin to the safe senders list
  3. A dialogue box will then open, click ‘ok’

If you are still having problems, or have any further queries, please email