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Closed Circuit: tin hat Thurrock

A chief executive uses the power of thinking to battle homelessness, an Essex Council rolls out the tin foil hats and Sajid Javid reuses material 

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Closed Circuit: the power of thoughts tackle rough sleeping #ukhousing

Closed Circuit: Thurrock gets its tin-foil hats out #ukhousing

Closed Circuit: Sajid Javid makes the same old joke #ukhousing

The question of whether it’s a good idea to give money to the homeless remains a controversial issue for some.
But Clark Bailie, chief executive of the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE), has a strong line on the matter.
“I wouldn’t give them money,” he revealed in an interview with View Digital magazine last week, pointing to an NIHE-backed campaign by homelessness organisations which argues such practices keep people on the streets.
“What I would do is go back to my office and know that the work the Housing Executive is doing is aimed at trying to help people who find themselves in that situation.”
Closed Circuit is sure the NIHE does excellent work, but feels a donation to a homelessness charity may be a more substantial action.

The tin foil hat brigade are out in force in Thurrock, where councillors recently voted to reject a government policy that doesn’t even exist.

Following reports in the Daily Mail that the government is considering giving former extremists fast-track access to social housing to help them re-integrate into society, UKIP councillor Graham Snell put forward a motion to reject the policy – just in case it ever comes into being.

During the council meeting, Mr Snell said: “This policy sends a stark message; it says if you fancy a council house go overseas and spend some time fighting for an evil death cult and when you come back, you will have one with our blessing. It’s wrong, totally wrong,” as reported by the Thurrock Gazette.

Not to be outdone in the paranoia stakes, Rob Gledhill, leader of the council, said: “It should come as no surprise when I say that I wholeheartedly support the motion.

“The idea drives a wedge in the community and it disenfranchises those who have worked hard to get a house.”

Closed Circuit is pleased to see Thurrock taking such a tough stance on conspiracy theories and looks forward to its motions on the faked Moon landings and the CIA’s assassination of John F Kennedy.

Back on 27 October, Closed Circuit made history by writing something nice and non-sarcastic about a government minister when we reported communities secretary Sajid Javid’s actually-funny joke about being mixed up with London mayor Sadiq Khan. Sadly Mr Javid’s success has gone to his head: he made the same joke word-for-word to the National House Building Council last week. Change the record, minister!

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